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Sandwich is sponsored by the European Commission under 5th Framework programme Growth KA III

project No. 10862



Project Abstract   

Development & improvement of Lightweight structures is a continuous challenge for engineering & production and in particular for land & marine vehicles.

SANDWICH is going to enhance the features & capabilities of steel sandwiches by filling them with different core materials: metallic foams, PMI and PUR foams, light concrete & balsa.

The aim is to develop a set of panels for specific requirements defined by three industry types involved (automotive, railroad, shipbuilding).

SANDWICH panels improvements compared to conventional structures:

  • up to 50% lighter
  • 50% space saving
  • 20% noise reduction
  • enhanced vibration properties
  • fire safety
  • crash worthiness & corrosion resistance

Erection time is expected to be reduced by 30 %.

12 partners from 8 European countries, joined forces each of them an expert for one particular aspect & task. After a requirements analysis, design & production of the test specimens & prototypes follows.

A test phase delivers material behavioural data to be collected in a design tool which in return supports designers to develop tailor made SANDWICH products . A design guideline assures secure type approval and thus marketing success.


The SANDWICH project will develop products utilising sophisticated lightweight steel sandwich panels for primary load carrying structures, including solutions for the integration of sandwich panels into land vehicles and ships and for the integration of multiple functions into the sandwich panels.

  • The novel properties of the sandwich panels will include:
  • Up to 50 % weight reduction
  • Up to 50 % less space consumption
  • improved noise reduction and vibration properties
  • enhanced fire safety
  • significantly improved crash worthiness
  • high potential of accurate pre-
    manufacturing and
  • 30 % decrease of erection time.

The project will provide design guidelines and operational behaviour data based on tests and calculations.

The participation of industrial end users and approving bodies will ensure that the project results can be directly used by the European industry.

Lightweight structures for land and marine vehicles contribute significantly to both CO2 reduction and saving of resources.

The expected benefit for the partners involved will guarantee a return on investment within two years.

Description of Work   

WP 1 Define and harmonise requirements for land and marine transport, perform risk analysis to assure full coverage of all aspects for future applications.

WP2 Develop design solutions for advanced sandwich panels, for joints and attachments and for integrated functional units based on available know how, in a second design phase make use of the SANDWICH design tool and thus of the material behaviour knowledge gained so far.

WP3 Produce test specimen and prototypes, and feedback requirements towards „Design for Production„ into the design tool database

WP4 Test both qualitative and quantitative the design solutions in small and large scale tests. Collect data on the operational properties and derive design algorithms and feed the database with all available material behavioural information

WP 5 Create design tools for optimised panel layout and integration, considering the specific requirements of the different applications and load cases, the design optimisation procedures and latest available test results.

WP 6 Disseminate the results gained in prototype solutions of the project to support fast and
efficient exploitation into all transport areas.

Milestones and Expected Results   

SANDWICH will deliver a new generation of lightweight products for both land and marine vehicles based on cored sandwich panels a tool utilising a sound material behaviour database filled through intensive small and large scale testing design guidelines for type approval of products after the project end.

M1 (pm 6) requirements delivered
M2 (pm 9) first design
M3 (pm 12) first panels
M4 (pm 15) first version of design tool
M5 (pm 21) qualitative testing
M6 (pm 24) design updated
M7 (pm 27) design tool update
M8 (pm 33)quantitative testing finished
M9 (pm 36) project finished

Co-operation with other Projects   

SANDWICH and FASDHTS agreed on exchanging parts of their project results for the mutual benefit of both projects

SANDWICH and BONDSHIP agreed on exchanging parts of their project results for the mutual benefit of both projects

SANDWICH and CRASHCOASTER agreed on exchanging parts of their project results for the mutual benefit of both projects